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2030 Jobs Plan: Driving a Decade of Inclusive Growth
A draft of the first plan to create a significant number of quality jobs for the entire St. Louis metropolitan area in more than 10 years was released for public feedback on December 4, 2020. It is called the draft STL 2030 Jobs Plan: Driving a Decade of Inclusive Growth, and it can be downloaded for your review. The draft jobs plan is based on an objective assessment of St. Louis’ economy, strategic assets, distinctive industry strengths, and comparative position relative to peer metro areas. A diverse group of hundreds of community, business, civic, non-profit, and economic development leaders participated in working groups and feedback sessions to help shape the recommendations in the plan. International economic development expert Bruce Katz, of New Localism Associates, conducted the research and guided the plan’s development. Civic Progress provided funding to support the project.

An Actionable Jobs Plan, Not a Report

The draft STL 2030 Jobs Plan focuses on five actionable strategies for the next 10 years. Across all of the strategies, the draft STL 2030 Jobs Plan calls for the St. Louis metropolitan community to make a commitment to work together in bold new ways to create more high-quality job opportunities while also acting with intention so that all residents have access to those opportunities. In this way, a more vibrant and equitable economy can make meaningful contributions to reducing unacceptable racial disparities in our community. The draft jobs plan also includes recommended initiatives within each strategy and specifics on design, finance, and implementation.

Community Feedback

We thank the partners who hosted virtual community forums and feedback sessions in December, January, and February and the thousands of residents and business and civic leaders from across the region who engaged in these events. The authors are carefully considering the community’s constructive feedback and are in the process of revising the draft. The plan will be a living document to help guide economic growth in our metro region for the next decade.

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STL 2030 Jobs Plan Preview: Five Actionable
Strategies to Drive Positive Change

The STL 2030 Jobs Plan is designed to provide a roadmap for driving the growth of quality jobs, while reducing racial and ethnic disparities in income and wealth. The draft plan presents five actionable strategies, recommended initiatives within each strategy, and concrete specifics on design, finance, and implementation. You can download the draft of the full plan  here.


2030 Jobs Action Plan Chart