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Greater St. Louis, Inc. Statement on Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee Approval of State Budget

April 21, 2022
Greater St. Louis Inc. Statement on Bike Lane and Construction Bill (BB 164)

Yesterday, the Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee completed their work on the state’s $46+ billion fiscal year 2023 budget. The budget approved in committee includes funding for Greater St. Louis, Inc.’s priorities including the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC), public transit, and Medicaid expansion. 

Greater St. Louis, Inc. worked with Senate appropriators to significantly increase MTC’s budget and helped add $8.7 million for public transit. We also worked with Senate appropriators to increase the authorization for the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) program to the federal funding level of $94.9 million. SSBCI funds will be administered by MTC to support entrepreneurship and innovation in the state. Both Senate and House budgets fully fund Medicaid expansion.

Greater St. Louis, Inc. Chief Policy Officer and President of ChamberSTL Tracy Henke today issued the following statement on the Senate Appropriations Committee’s big step forward on the 2023 state budget:

“Greater St. Louis, Inc. is encouraged by action taken by the Senate appropriators who recognize the value of innovation, public transit, and health care investment in the St. Louis metro and across the state.   


“We want to recognize and thank Senate Appropriations Chairman Dan Hegeman and Senate Appropriations Vice Chairman Lincoln Hough for their leadership and support of these critical priorities as well as Senator Brian Williams, who continues to be a strong promoter and sponsor for public transit and economic development issues in the St. Louis metro.”   

Other Greater St. Louis, Inc. funding priorities that will be debated in a separate appropriations bill in the Senate include $400+ million for broadband expansion and accessibility and $250 million for a Community Partnership Development Revitalization program.

Greater St. Louis, Inc. encourages the full Senate to support these critical St. Louis metro and state priorities.