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Greater St. Louis, Inc. Statement on Missouri SB 688

January 25, 2022
2021 Illinois Legislative Session

Tracy Henke, Chief Policy Officer of Greater St. Louis, Inc. and President, ChamberSTL, issued the following statement today on SB 688, a bill introduced in the Missouri Senate that would incentivize research and development (R&D) activity in the state.

“Today, Greater St. Louis, Inc. testified in support of SB 688, a bill that would establish a Research & Development Tax Credit in Missouri. Greater St. Louis, Inc. believes innovation and entrepreneurship should be an economic policy priority in Missouri.”


“The STL 2030 Jobs Plan specifically calls for the St. Louis metro to embark on an entrepreneurial surge to strengthen and increase the number of locally owned businesses. Sponsored by Senator Brian Williams (D-St. Louis County), SB 688 can enhance Missouri’s competitiveness in attracting entrepreneurs, resulting in new businesses and job creation, and spur research growth by existing businesses – all key to the long-term success of our metro.”