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Greater St. Louis, Inc. Statement on Missouri SB 688

January 25, 2022
2021 Illinois Legislative Session

Today, Greater St. Louis, Inc. — along with Citizens for Modern Transit, Missouri Public Transit Association, and others — testified in opposition to SB 804, legislation that would allow firearms on Missouri’s public transit systems. Tracy Henke, Chief Policy Officer of Greater St. Louis, Inc. and President, ChamberSTL, issued the following statement:

“Allowing firearms on public transit poses an unacceptable risk for transit’s ridership, employees, and the communities transit serves. As identified in the STL 2030 Jobs Plan, public transportation is essential to inclusive economic growth. Legislation like SB 804 would create more barriers for residents in historically isolated communities and hurt their ability to access employment opportunities, education, training, and health care. Greater St. Louis, Inc. will continue to work against efforts that impact our region’s ability to attract and retain a vibrant workforce and business community.”