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Greater St. Louis, Inc. Shows Support for Missouri Small Businesses, Backs St. Louis County Proposition C

April 5 ballot initiative ensures proper enforcement of “Wayfair Fix” law

March 15, 2022
Greater St. Louis, Inc. Shows Support for Small Businesses St. Louis County Proposition C

Greater St. Louis, Inc. today announced its support of Proposition C, an initiative on the April 5 St. Louis County ballot that will level the playing field for Missouri small businesses by ensuring out-of-state online sales are collected at the same rate as sales in brick-and-mortar stores.  

Currently, purchases at local businesses include a sales tax, but out-of-state online purchases do not. The use tax collected as a result of Proposition C would only apply to out-of-state online purchases. Purchases cannot fall into both groups and cannot be taxed twice.

“Proposition C will level the playing field for Missouri small businesses, which have been forced to compete with out-of-state online retailers that don’t have to pay local sales tax. That has put our mom-and-pop shops at an inherent disadvantage that Proposition C will rectify,” said Greater St. Louis, Inc. CEO Jason Hall.

Leveling the playing field for small businesses is a key recommendation of the STL 2030 Jobs Plan and was a top priority for Greater St. Louis, Inc. in the last Missouri legislative session. In supporting Proposition C, Greater St. Louis, Inc. has made a $25,000 contribution to Local Jobs for STL, the campaign committee working to pass the initiative.

“We strongly supported ‘Wayfair Fix’ legislation that was signed into law last summer. Proposition C will ensure that law is carried out at the local level so our Main Street businesses can compete and thrive,” added Hall.

In addition to helping local small businesses compete with big online retailers, Proposition C will protect the jobs of county residents, modernize the tax system to keep up with how consumers are shopping today, and help address the budget deficit faced by St. Louis County caused, in part, by tax revenues lost to online shopping.

Missouri law requires municipalities to pass their own legislation enacting the use tax provisions for out-of-state online sales. St. Louis County voters who support a level playing field for small businesses in their communities should vote yes on Proposition C on April 5, 2022.  

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