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Greater St. Louis Inc. Statement on Medicaid Expansion Court Ruling

June 23, 2021
Greater St. Louis Inc. Statement on Medicaid Expansion Court Ruling

Jason Hall, CEO of Greater St. Louis, Inc., issued the following statement after the ruling on Medicaid expansion handed down today by Cole County Circuit Court:

“Expanding Medicaid drives economic growth and job creation, creates a more equitable community, and improves the health of Missouri’s workforce. For these reasons, the St. Louis business community has been a longtime supporter of Medicaid expansion.

“The Missouri State Motto says that the welfare of the people shall be the supreme law. As such, the Court’s ruling today should not be the final word. The people have spoken, and we believe their voice should be heard at the appellate court level so that expansion of Medicaid can move forward and so that we can send a signal that Missouri is open to business and investment.”


In 2020, 53 percent of Missouri voters chose to expand Medicaid to provide healthcare coverage to individuals and families with incomes up to 138% of the federal poverty level. Greater St. Louis, Inc., and several of its predecessor organizations, have actively supported Medicaid expansion, both during the implementation process this year and during the statewide campaign to approve Medicaid expansion (Amendment 2).