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Greater St. Louis, Inc. Statement on the Missouri House Advancing Anti-Transgender Legislation

April 21, 2021
Greater St. Louis, Inc. Statement on Missouri House Advancing Anti-Transgender Legislation

Jason Hall, the CEO of Greater St. Louis, Inc., issued the following statement today on anti-transgender legislation progressing through the Missouri General Assembly.

Today, Missouri lawmakers chose to make this state less welcoming by advancing legislation that would discriminate against young transgender athletes. This legislation is nothing more than a mean-spirited solution in search of a nonexistent problem. Legislation like this is harmful to the residents of Missouri – in this case, children – and sends a powerful and pernicious signal to potential residents, investors and workers that Missouri is not a place they want to visit, live or do business.

In our increasingly global and competitive economy, diversity is imperative for economic growth. Discriminatory legislation hurts our ability to attract a diverse and highly skilled workforce and decreases investment in our state. Greater St. Louis, Inc. remains committed to defeating this legislation and will continue to speak out against discriminatory policies that work against our state and region’s ability to compete in the global economy.